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Establishment and Mission

Establishment and Purposes

The Japan Association for International Education was established on January 26, 1991, when the inaugural meeting was held at Heart-In Nogizaka Health Insurance Hall. The founders were Isao Amagi, current Chairman, and other 41 members from all quarters, and the number of members at the time of establishment was 290.

At the inaugural meeting, the following statement was adopted:
 “On the edge of the 21st century, the East-West tension known as the Cold War has been eased, and the world is seeking a new order.Goods, money, information and people continue flowing across the borders, and interdependent relationships are formed on a global basis.
 On the other hand, competitions, confrontations, misunderstandings and frictions due to ethnic, linguistic, cultural, traditional and other differences are occurring continuously, and this means how important it is for people all over the world to interact with one another based on mutual understanding. Furthermore, new challenges on a global scale such as environment-related issues compel us to take action for the benefit of all mankind both at present and in the future.
 A model of international education founded on world peace and cross-cultural understanding, which UNESCO has developed for many years in the noble mission of the construction of the defenses of peace in the minds of people, is far more important today than it was historically. The model indicates the practice of international education in the disciplines of knowledge, technology, thought, concept of values and formation of attitudes.
 It is absolutely necessary for schools, families, communities and societies to use all available resources and organize cooperative systems for lifelong education.
 Our country, which is located in the Oriental Pacific Ocean, must constantly communicate the importance of global education to the minds of all the citizens on this planet to coexist peacefully with them and play a crucial role as an intermediary between the East and the West and the North and the South toward the 21st century.
 We hereby establish the Japan Association for International Education the main members of which are researchers, educators and other people concerned. Our mission is to contribute to the development and promotion of international education in our country through the research on and practice of such education and interaction with the rest of the world.